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The music creation factory known as Ooh Ahh has been in existence since the year 2000. The music began as low quality, single track recordings, produced for free but has since grown into the multi-hundred dollar production we now see today.

In the beginning, we made up for the lack of quality in our music with sheer quantity of songs but have focused our musical energy to achieve a more succinct and desirable product. With each album, our craft is honed. Ooh Ahh has also grown into an exciting Live band playing monthly shows in and around South East Michigan.

Above, you can access our past albums in their entirety. Simply click on the fake album art, which doesn't relate thematically to the music in any way, and you will be presented with the MP3s for each track. Download the full albums and put them on your portable music device. It will be fun!

Please enjoy.



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